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Will Cold Showers Lead To Greater Fat Loss?

After finishing a hard workout, there is no better feeling than rewarding yourself with a nice hot shower. But recently, it has been suggested that if you’re goal is to lose weight you’re much better off taking cold showers instead. Could something as simple, or in most cases not so simple as taking regular cold […]

Three Reasons Why You Can’t Do A Pull-Up

Being able to pull yourself up and over a bar is one of the most satisfying things you can accomplish. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, and if you’re struggling to get there, I’m willing to bet you’re not going about it the most effective way. In this week’s video, I explain 3 reasons […]

What Does Creatine Do & Is It Worth Taking?

Creatine has been around for as long as I can remember, and has since evolved into an essential supplement for those searching for maximum gains. Yet despite its raging popularity, there still remains some uncertainty as to how it works, and if it is a worthy addition to a strength program. Based on what we […]

What Is Deloading & Is It Worth Doing?

Deloading is a very hot topic in the health and fitness industry, & an enormous divide exists between people who believe it is a vital component to every training plan, and others who are convinced it is a monumental waste of time. So what specifically is deloading, and how can you tell whether or not […]

What Is A Hip Hinge & How Do You Perform It Correctly?

There are a number of different movements you can learn while you’re at the gym, ranging from functional and effective to just plain dangerous. But one of the most important movements to master in my opinion is the hip hinge, which unfortunately is done wrong more often than done right. So what exactly is it, […]

What Is Anterior Pelvic Tilt & How Do I Fix This?

If you struggle to gain full ROM during squats, or deal with hip, back or knee pain, chances are you might be dealing with some sort of anterior pelvic tilt. But what exactly is it, and is there something you can do to fix this problem over time? I answer this question from a scientific […]

What Are Ketones & Will They Help With Weight Loss?

My Mom reached out to me a while ago inquiring about ketones, a new weight loss hack that a friend introduced her to. And although ketones are anything but a secret, I was quite skeptical about some of the claims made regarding ketone supplementation, particularly the claim that consuming these ketones will induce a process […]