Why Is My Hip Sore When I Squat & How Do I Fix This?

The squat is one of the most popular, diverse and functional lower body exercises you can do at the gym. But what happens if every time you perform a squat, or even when you aren’t working out, you feel soreness in the side of your hip? In this video, I explain why the side of your hip is sore, especially when squatting and show you how to adjust your form so that you be able to recover, and prevent this from re-occurring in the future!

Are Morning Or Evening Workouts Better For Gaining Muscle?

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, finding time to go to the gym is critical to gain muscle. But a recent study published out of Finland is suggesting that the time of day you work out may influence how much muscle strength and size you can gain. Based on the results of this study, are morning or evening workouts better for maximizing muscle gains? Watch this week’s video to find out!

Should I Work Out Even Though I Am Sick?

If you frequent the gym several times a week, chances are at some point you have picked up a nasty gain thwarting flu bug! If you do happen to get sick from it, should you sweat it out, or is it best to rest and recover? In this video, I talk about this interesting topic based on what science has shown.

Will Body Weight Exercise Get Me The Same Results As Free Weights?

In order to maximize muscle strength and size, you should make regular trips to the gym and get lifting. But is it possible to get the results you want using body weight exercises and without lifting a single dumbbell? Watch this week’s video to find out!

Five Body Weight Exercises That You Probably Haven’t Done Before!

I have a few clients that asked me for a bunch of body weight exercises that are challenging and that they likely haven’t seen before. In this weeks video, I am going to discuss and demonstrate 5 body weight exercises that are guaranteed to make your entire body sore, and that you don’t see every day.

How To Correct Shoulder Or Back Pain From Planking

The plank is arguably the most popular core exercise that anybody can do. Unfortunately, more often than not it is done incorrectly which can cause shoulder and lower back pain. In this video, I go over different cues that you can use to help correct your form. In the end, you will be doing a perfect plank every time!

Will Drinking Tequila Help You Lose Weight?

Drinking alcohol while on a strict diet is typically not a good idea. But after stumbling across numerous articles that have been circulating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram claiming that drinking tequila will lead to weight loss, this had to be investigated further. In this video, I answer whether or not tequila will lead to weight loss based on what science has shown.

What Is The Best Alcohol To Drink When Trying To Lose Weight?

In this short video, I talk about 3 popular alcoholic beverages and discusses which one is the best to consume when you are on a diet, or trying to watch your calorie intake. Which drink will be the winner? Watch to find out!

Are Slow Or Fast Repetitions Better For Maximizing Muscle?

Are slow, or fast repetitions more effective and inducing muscle growth? This question has been engulfed in a cloud of uncertainty in the health and fitness world, with multiple health and fitness experts campaigning for their respective side. Now it is my turn to answer this question, based on what science has shown.

Is A Glass Of Red Wine Equal To An Hour At The Gym?

A.J. talks about a recent online article that compares the health benefits of a glass of red wine, to that of an hour spent at the gym, based on a recent scientific study. Could this be a scientific break through, or just a misinterpreted study? Watch this week’s video to find out!