How To Get Your First Ring Muscle-Up In Less Than 1 Month

The muscle-up is arguably one of the most impressive calisthenic moves you can perform in the gym, and even more impressive if you do it from the rings. But despite having the strength to pull and push your body weight up, many still struggle mastering this move. For almost 3 years, A.J. was one of these people; but with a little research, some open mindedness, and great advice from another experienced fitness coach, he managed to complete the feat in just 2 weeks. In this week’s video, A.J. demonstrates how he got his first ring muscle up from a scientific perspective.

Three Simple & Effective Ways To Instantly Improve Squat Depth

Its almost inevitable that you will encounter one or more bros & brodettes doing half rep squats in the gym. A lot of the time this is triggered by over inflated egos, but there are instances where your fellow gym pals have mobility restriction and physically cannot get low enough. In this week’s video, A.J. teaches 3 simple and effective ways to increase squat depth, so you can maximize results and practice improved squatting habits from a scientific perspective.

Why Do I Keep Injuring My Neck During Overhead Press & How Do I Fix This?

The ability to lift heavy objects over your head is critical to not only make gains, but improve other big lifts as well. Unfortunately there are many gym goers who refrain from doing any overhead exercises because they constantly hurt their neck during the lift. Believe it or not, I used to be one of these people, and now I would like to share my knowledge and experience and explain why you’re hurting your neck during an overhead press and show you how to fix this, from a scientific perspective.

Is Massage Therapy An Effective Treatment Method?

Massage therapy is a very popular treatment for low back & neck pain, headaches, and other stiff and sore muscles that put your gains on hold. While there are many people who relish having someone work out all those pesky knots, there are a handful of others who don’t. And would even go as far to say that an hour long back rubbing session is not only a gargantuan waste of money, but ineffective as well. In this week’s video, I evaluate the effectiveness of massage therapy from an unbiased & scientific perspective.

How To Simply And Safely Perform A Russian Kettlebell Swing

Kettle bell swings are not only a proven way to develop tremendous power in your hamstrings, glutes, and core, but they also generate quite the calorie burn which helps those who are trying to shed some weight. But this movement is relatively complex, and every time I see it performed, there’s about an 80% chance that something is wrong. In this weeks video, I demonstrate the easiest and safest way to perform a Russian KB Swing from a scientific perspective.

How To Easily Perform A Safe And Effective Deadlift

About a year ago I released a video explaining how to deadlift without getting tension or pain in your lower back. Although this video was helpful to many, it didn’t explain the correct steps required to set yourself up for a safe and effective lift. In this week’s video, I demonstrate the easiest and safest way to perform a safe and effective deadlift from a scientific perspective.

Three Reasons Why Planned Cheat Meals Are A GOOD Thing

If you clicked on this video thinking that I am going to explain how you can lose weight and get jacked by eating nothing but pizza and chocolate & chicken wings, you’re in for a disappointment. However, there is evidence that suggests having planned cheat meals throughout your week may lead to better results log term, than if you went without them. In this week’s video, I explain 3 reasons why planned cheat meals can lead to greater weight loss and strength gains from a scientific perspective.

Will Cold Showers Lead To Greater Fat Loss?

After finishing a hard workout, there is no better feeling than rewarding yourself with a nice hot shower. But recently, it has been suggested that if you’re goal is to lose weight you’re much better off taking cold showers instead. Could something as simple, or in most cases not so simple as taking regular cold showers speed up your progress in the gym? I answer this question from a scientific perspective.

Three Reasons Why You Can’t Do A Pull-Up

Being able to pull yourself up and over a bar is one of the most satisfying things you can accomplish. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, and if you’re struggling to get there, I’m willing to bet you’re not going about it the most effective way. In this week’s video, I explain 3 reasons why you can’t do a pull-up and show you how to correct these so that you can speed up the process and finally get over that bar.

What Does Creatine Do & Is It Worth Taking?

Creatine has been around for as long as I can remember, and has since evolved into an essential supplement for those searching for maximum gains. Yet despite its raging popularity, there still remains some uncertainty as to how it works, and if it is a worthy addition to a strength program. Based on what we currently know, should you incorporate it into your weekly fitness regimen? I answer this question from a scientific perspective.