Why Do My Wrists Hurt When I Lift Weights & How Do I Fix This?

The health and well-being of your wrists is critical in order to maximize strength gains. But if you regularly deal with achy wrists while lifting heavy things, why is this happening and what can be done to soothe the pain? ! answer this question from a scientific perspective.

What Is Anterior Pelvic Tilt & How Do I Fix This?

If you struggle to gain full ROM during squats, or deal with hip, back or knee pain, chances are you might be dealing with some sort of anterior pelvic tilt. But what exactly is it, and is there something you can do to fix this problem over time? I answer this question from a scientific perspective.

What Are Ketones & Will They Help With Weight Loss?

My Mom reached out to me a while ago inquiring about ketones, a new weight loss hack that a friend introduced her to. And although ketones are anything but a secret, I was quite skeptical about some of the claims made regarding ketone supplementation, particularly the claim that consuming these ketones will induce a process called ketosis which will lead to rapid fat loss. In this video I am going to explain the role that ketones and ketosis play in our bodies, and evaluate ketone supplementation as a weight loss strategy from a scientific perspective.

What Are Branched Chain Amino Acids & Should I Take Them?

Branched chain amino acids have been trending upwards lately in the health and fitness community, as more and more research is coming out supporting their effectiveness. But what exactly are they? And are they worth investing in to take your workouts to the next level? I answer this question from a scientific perspective!

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Build Biceps?

It is no secret that biceps are one of the most aesthetically appealing muscles that you have, not to mention they are also a lot of fun to train. But it is tough and time consuming to turn your puny pistols into glorious guns, so what is the easiest and fastest way to do so? A.J. answers this question from a scientific perspective.

Three HUGE Mistakes That Trainers & Health Coaches Make

Personal training remains one of the most competitive professions out there. Yet despite the rise in trainers, most of them continue to make critical mistakes that end up costing themselves clients, and their reputation. Want to find out what these mistakes are? Watch this week’s video to find out!

Is Spine Manipulation Therapy An Effective Treatment Method?

Spine manipulation therapy has been around for over a century. Used predominantly by chiropractors, it involves a pop or crack somewhere in the spine with the main goal of restoring or enhancing joint function. There are some practitioners who claim that SMT can also reduce acute joint inflammation & pain.
But there are a large number of skeptics out there who believe that SMT is a bunch of quackery. So which side is right? I answer this question from a scientific perspective.

Does Sex Burn More Calories Than Jogging?

There have been a few different articles published by many news outlets claiming that, sex may be as effective at burning calories and targeting fat as jogging. If multiple news sites are reporting this it must be true right? In this video, I set the record straight once and for all!

Are Front Or Back Squats More Effective?

Its hard to bring up leg day without mentioning some type of squat. And despite the hundreds of variations you can perform, people looking for gains tend to gravitate towards the squat rack and perform back squats, or front squats. Both versions are effective, but does one hold a slight edge over the other? A.J. answers this question from a scientific perspective.

Why Is My Lower Back Sore From Deadlifting & How Do I Fix This?

Anybody wanting to make serious strength gains and define their lower and upper body, can’t look past the deadlift. But the deadlift has a reputation of causing soreness in the lower back, as opposed to strength gains everywhere else. So why this is happening? In this video I explain why you are feeling soreness in your low back from deadlifting, and show you how to adjust your form properly so you will never experience back pain again.