Personal Training For Balance & Fall Prevention

Falls cause over 90% of hip fractures and 60% of head injuries among older adults. Fear of falling often prevents seniors from staying active, which lowers their quality of life and puts unneeded stress and hardship on their loved ones.

Our approach to fall prevention starts with conducting a thorough assessment. We ask questions and conduct appropriate walking and mobility tests. Upon completion, we will provide our professional recommendation going forward based on our findings and your goals.

The recommendation usually consists of a prescribed exercise routine supervised by one of our professionals. Each routine we prescribe contains a combination of muscle strengthening and range of motion exercises to not only prevent falls, but also enable a heart-pumping, muscle-burning workout at the same time!

Our hands-on approach is proven to restore confidence and strength from a previous fall & prevent falls from re-occurring.

Balance & fall Prevention personal training is well suited for individuals with age-related illnesses or injuries who have suffered a fall, or are at a high risk of falling, and desire a "fall specific" exercise and rehabilitation program.