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We are educated and experienced health professionals that provide premium, 1-on-1 personal training and physiotherapy in the comfort of your home.

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In-Home Training & Treatment

We bring our services directly to the client. No need to battle through traffic to get to us.

Specializing in Special Cases

We service all individuals looking to get strong; but specialize with those who possess limitations or illnesses such as Injury, Arthritis, Parkinson's, Pain, Dementia, and so much more!

Educated & Experienced

We possess an unprecedented amount of education and experience compared to most fitness and health professionals.


How we can help you or the ones you love.

In-Home Personal Training

Using specialized exercise equipment, we will guide you through a customized workout routine designed to meet your goals and keep you accountable. Well suited for individuals desiring a program with more depth and detail!

In-Home Physiotherapy

We will provide personalized treatment using a variety of techniques in the comfort of your home. Perfect for individuals who don’t want the hassle of getting to the clinic!

Online Physio & Coaching

Based on your health goal(s), we will design and coach you through an achievable treatment plan completely online! Perfect for those who are not local or always on the go!

Our Locations

We are proud to serve all individuals residing within the London, Oakville and surrounding areas. Contact us today to ensure you or your loved one’s days are lived to their fullest!

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“I have trained with AJ for many years and I can confidently recommend him to anyone seeking out a personal trainer. He is a true professional in terms of his knowledge and training programs. He is able to tailor his workout for both the athlete, or for those who haven't exercised in many years. He will explain his methodology clearly to provide context for his workout.”

London, Ontario

“AJ's service and professionalism has been outstanding. AJ worked with our family to create a fitness program tailored to the needs of my mom. Part of AJ's success is his communication skills and his ability to work with people in understanding their needs. I don't think we could have found a better person for helping my mom with her fitness training needs.”

London, Ontario

“I am an octogenarian that recently fell and injured my shoulder resulting in a serious loss of mobility. I was referred to A.J. by a former client of his and with some hesitation I signed on for a home treatment. I was amazed at the almost immediate positive results that A.J. was able to gain for me and will continue working with him as I now consider him a member of my health care resource team. I have found A.J. to be a highly motivated, knowledgeable and compassionate professional who provides a superior quality service in a very cost effective manner and I highly recommend him to any other old guy that needs help as I did.”

London, Ontario

Dad suffers dementia and on days when he is very confused or agitated, A.J., with his calming approach, can always motivate him to get up and walk. He modifies his strategies based on the needs of my Dad on each particular day. A.J. not only works on building my Dad's mobility, but also builds his confidence, reduces his anxiety, and he knows how to deal with the changing moods that dementia can present. My Dad's face lights up when A.J. enters the room!

London, Ontario

"I feel very comfortable with AJ. He’s well educated and his work outs are built with solid science. He pushes me and that’s a good thing because I’m just not going to do it alone. For the first time in my life I feel that I have an ‘infrastructure’. Inside my body there is now a system that is supporting me. I am much stronger than when I started and this has helped my balance and instilled confidence."

London, Ontario

"After having cancer I was nervous to get back into activity because of the toll the chemotherapy had on my body. A.J. is very knowledgeable and I trusted him greatly as he designed workouts for me to ease back into activity, as well as gain energy and stamina. A.J. always listened to how I was feeling, and tailored the workouts based on where I was at. The exercises challenged me, but I always felt he knew exactly how far to push me. I am thrilled with the large gains I have made over the last few months working with him. He is always very professional in his approach and was easy to welcome into my home for personal training."

London, Ontario

"In late fall of 2016, my father was experiencing decreased mobility and stability. Since all medical tests were normal, our family physician suggested physiotherapy to improve muscle strength and gait. AJ began seeing my father twice per week in February of 2017, and by April, we noticed a difference in strength, stability and mobility. By summer, the improvement was very obvious, and our family physician commented during a check up in August that he was very impressed with the progress. My mother is now also being treated by AJ, and positive results are being seen in her case as well. AJ is highly competent, professional, and very empathetic to the unique needs of seniors. Highly recommended."

London, Ontario

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