Meet Our 2021 Kin of the Year Nominee: A.J. Stephen

Stephen Fitness & Rehabilitation is thrilled to announce that our Owner & Lead Kinesiologist, A.J. Stephen, has been selected as a nominee for the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance’s 2021 Kin of the Year Award!

The Canadian Kinesiology Awards are awarded for outstanding achievement in Canada’s Kinesiology industry.

The Kin of the Year Award is presented to any Kinesiologist(s), who demonstrated significant leadership, innovation, engagement, passion, and achievement in the field of kinesiology, physical activity, human kinetics, wellness, lifestyle, sports, and who has/is making positive, sustainable contributions to help Canadians move better and live better.

Each nominee will be recognized at the Kin Can Conference online on Nov. 28, 2021.

A.J.’s goal throughout his tenure as a Kinesiologist is, and always has been, to spread awareness of the profession of Kinesiology, help others, establish a strong community presence, and mentor the next generation of Kinesiologists and fitness trainers to create a stronger Canadian health sector.

Please join us in congratulating A.J. on this remarkable achievement!