Five Ways To Tell If Personal Training For Your Parent(s) Is Working

After noticing your Mom or Dad walking a bit slower or having trouble completing everyday tasks, you decided it was time to get them a trainer. Any movement is going to be beneficial to your parent’s health and wellbeing; but how will you know if the investment you made in personal training is working?

This is something I have been thinking about recently. After all, we do specialize in improving the strength, mobility and independence of adults within London and Oakville. Our team takes tremendous pride ensuring that we are making a difference in the life of your loved one(s).

Here are five questions to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of your parent’s personal training program:

Do your parents know what success looks like?

If your loved one doesn’t know what they want to achieve, it can be somewhat challenging to know if their program is working. In order to set effective goals, they need to be specific, realistic and measurable. It is crucial that each target is important to your parents. An example of a goal that meets these criteria might look like this:

“I want to be able to walk 2 flights of stairs on uneven ground with ease. This is to prepare for my trip to Florida in 5 months.”

Every person’s goal is different. Our team can help you narrow down something that works for your loved one!

Is progress being regularly assessed?

In addition to how your parents are feeling day to day, regular quantitative assessments (we do them every 2 months) should be completed, recorded and presented to your family.

In order to see progress, it must be recorded and updated regularly!

Do your parents notice that everyday activities feel easier?

Some of these activities might include household chores, grocery shopping, tying their shoes and walking up the stairs. They may also notice that activities which used to be difficult or unbearable are now possible such as keeping up with grandchildren, standing for long periods of time, or getting in and out of a recliner. Perhaps they don’t feel as much pain in their joints; specifically the knee, hip and shoulder.

In my experience, no news is usually good news. But there is tremendous value in asking specific questions related to your loved one’s mobility and strength.

Are your parents doing their exercise homework?

Our therapists and trainers can only do so much with your loved one(s) in two sessions, twice a week. During the remaining 5 days of the week, your loved one will be prescribed some extra “homework” that they can do on their own to help fast track their progress.

If this is being met, you should notice much faster improvement. If it is not, then perhaps you should figure out why…

Are your parents sleeping better?

Whether you are 19 or 91, a good night’s sleep is strongly linked to an effective exercise program.

Is your loved one feeling more refreshed when they wake up in the morning? Or perhaps they are finding it easier to fall asleep at night.

Work With A Pro:

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